Resources for Cyclists


Training-Program-Button-300x1958 Week Training Program How do you ride 100 miles? Training a little bit at a time. Take a look at our free training guides for 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 mile options. You can do this no matter how busy your life at home gets!

hand-signals-300x198Hand Signals for Road Riding Just like the signals in your car, signaling on your bicycle is safe and smart. Learn how to do it properly.

Anatomy-of-a-Road-Bike-Button-300x188Anatomy of a Road Bike Knowing what that piece is called comes in handy. Learn your bike’s anatomy.

Riding-in-a-group-button-300x200Rules for Group Riding There are unwritten rules for riding in a group. We have them all written down here.