Goldilocks Events 2022 Policies and FAQ

What is included with my registration?

Your registration fee of $85 includes: ride entry, event t-shirt (if registered by July 31), access to ride routes on, SWAG bag, a pre-ride porridge breakfast, fully-stocked aid stations, support vehicles on-course, picnic lunch on course (or at the completion of your ride), a finishers necklace, free event photo downloads (approximately two weeks after the ride) and smiles :-).

How much does Goldilocks cost?

Registration for Goldilocks is $85.  We will have early bird pricing until January 31, 2022. 

Do I have to be on a team?

No!  While Goldilocks thinks riding with friends is fun, you do not need to join a team to ride.

Tell me about Packet Pick Up….

There will be TWO Goldilocks packet pick ups: Wednesday, September 14th at Mad Dog Cycles in Orem, and Friday, September 16th at MicroFocus (event start/finish – 1800 Novell Place, Provo)

There is always an Emergency* Packet pick-up: At 6:00 a.m. on race day at the start/finish line.

*We must stress that the race morning packet pick up is for what Goldilocks considers emergencies, IE:

  • Those who can not in ANY way pick up their packet because of their location before the ride.
  • Those who failed to sign their waiver in advance.

Helpful options if you live far away or are traveling before the ride include:

  • Friends and family members can pick up your packet with a copy of your photo ID (a picture on your phone works).

Who can wear a Goldilocks Cycling Jersey?

Anyone! Even if you can’t join us for the race, you can get our sweet gear! We have cycling jerseys, racer back jerseys and shorts.  Don’t forget to accessorize with arm warmers and socks. We have already pre-ordered for 2022, but will have a limited supply for sale at check in on Friday September 16th before the ride.

Where do I park?

There is plenty of parking just south and east at the start/finish line for Goldilocks participants at MicroFocus (1800 Novell Place).

When will courses be available?

2022 courses will be very similar to 2021 – check them out on the app, Ride with GPS.

What time should I arrive?

Please arrive at least a half hour before your start time. This will give you time to pump up your tires, fill your water bottles, use the restroom, and be ready to ride at your start time.  If you’re in an “emergency” packet pick up circumstance, please come one hour early.

Can I leave earlier than my start time?

Goldilocks riders will be able to leave starting at 7:00AM beginning with century riders.  If you’re in a later wave and choose to depart early, please note that lunch and finish line fun will probably be unavailable to you.

Where do I find my ride time?

Goldilocks is a non-competitive ride, and as such does not provide finish times for riders.  If you want to know your speed on race day, please use a personal fitness device.

Where are the restrooms?

The start/finish line and each aid station will have plenty of temporary restrooms.

How do I switch my mileage?

When you pick up your packet, let us know what distance you want to ride, and we will be glad to switch you, but just know that your lunch may be affected.

Tell me about the T-shirt I receive with my registration.

Goldilocks designs her own custom tee shirt every year. Expect this event tee to be your favorite! She knows just what women want and always comes through providing a soft, extra-long, women specific shirt. It’s the one you’ll want to wear every day!

The women’s shirts sizes run extra-small.  Expect to order up two sizes. They are fitted, women’s specific cotton.  

Or if you’d prefer unisex sizing, you can choose that instead during checkout.

If your shirt does not fit, please bring it to the event and we will be happy to exchange it after your ride if there is one that is ‘just right’ for you.

Will there be ditch bags at rest stops?

Yes. Dress warm in the morning knowing you can leave your gear at any of our rest stops and we will return it to the finish line for you.  Please note that you may finish your ride before your bag is returned to the start/finish line.

What if I need help? Have a flat? Broken chain? Tired bum or legs? And what is SAG?

Please call our Papa Bear dispatch at 801-372-8108. Give them a call and our dispatch will send a SAG (support and gear) vehicle to rescue you!  A SAG vehicle is a support vehicle following a group of cyclists in a race, tour or recreational ride that may carry equipment, food, or mechanics. They may also pick up riders unable to continue. 

Tell me about the stops I’ll find on course.

Goldilocks Rides have three types of stops on course.  The number, type and location vary by ride and more information can be found on the route pages of each ride location.  Distance between stops will be between 10 & 28 miles.

Types of Stops:  Water Stops, Aid Stations and Lunch stops.

  • Water Stop: Riders can refill their water bottles, throw garbage away and use the portable restroom.

  • Aid Station: Riders can eat, drink, refill water bottles, dispose of garbage, rest, utilize a ditch bag and use the portable restrooms.  Standard nutrition is: fresh fruit, Swedish fish, pretzels, Wheat Thins, hard candy, Fig Newtons, Oreos, licorice, pickle juice, & PB&J. Standard hydration is water, and electrolyte drinks.

  • Lunch Stop: Riders can sit, eat a picnic lunch (sandwiches, fruit, chips, cookies, etc.), refill their water bottles, throw garbage away, utilize a ditch bag and use the portable restroom.

Will roads be closed?

No. This is what sets this apart as a “ride” versus a “race”. We do not close roads for our ride.  You are a vehicle on the road: follow all traffic signs and signals. Ride safe!

What cause does Goldilocks support?

In 2018, Goldilocks began partnering with Operation Underground Railroad to end sex trafficking.  We feel strongly that sex trafficking is wrong, and needs to be stopped.  We are taking steps to raise awareness and funds. To donate to our O.U.R. campaign, go to our registration page.
For more information about O.U.R. visit:

Now, in 2022 we also support Dahlia’s Hope, and a portion of our proceeds go to help sex trafficking victims right here in Utah County. Check out their booth at the event to volunteer or donate!

What is the Expo?

Our Expo aims to educate, share innovation, promote progress and foster cooperation amongst our riders.  We will have vendors, representatives and fun!

What is a Papa and Mama Bear?

Mama Bear & Papa Bear Support Crew Riders are essential for continuing to offer a fully supported ride.  They ride on-course with others and provide help along the way.  Our record for tubes changed in one ride is 21!!!

As a Mama/Papa Bear Rider, you promise to:

  • Ride with the pack and help anyone in need that you may come across.
  • If the problem is bigger than you can handle, contact dispatch and wait with the participant until help arrives.

Mama/Papa Bear Riders:

  • Make up at MOST 10% of total registrations
  • Can change a Flat Quickly (under 5 minutes)
  • Can resolve Basic Mechanical Issues Quickly
  • Are NOT riding for speed or to “win”. Goldilocks is non-competitive
  • Receive tubes and CO2 tanks to use at pick up
  • Receive a volunteer t-shirt
  • Are 18 years or older

What if I need help? Have a flat? Broken chain? Tired bum or legs? And what is SAG?

Please call our Papa Bear dispatch at 801-372-8108. Give them a call and our dispatch will send a SAG vehicle to rescue you!  A SAG vehicle is a support vehicle following a group of cyclists in a race, tour or recreational ride that may carry equipment, food, or mechanics. May also pick up riders unable to continue. 

Event Photos

Goldilocks thinks highlight photos should be FREE! We hire amazing photographers to be at the finish line and multiple locations along the course. Be sure to smile big and strike a pose for the cameras. Make sure your event number is visible so we know who is in each photo.

Photos will be made available two weeks after the ride.

Finisher Jewelry

Goldilocks awards her finishers with a darling, sterling silver, hand-crafted finisher’s necklace as they cross the finish line. Dress up your necklace at the Goldilocks event shop with charms that personalize your finisher’s necklaces with your ride distance.

Age/Equipment Limitations & Requirements

Goldilocks is open to all females who can finish the course in the allotted amount of time, and under their own power, before the course sections close at 5pm. Not recommended for children under 8.

Helmets are mandatory. Please carry spare tubes, water bottles, a patch kit, and pump with you during the ride.

Road bikes, mountain bikes, beach cruisers, tandem bikes (buy two ride entries), electric assist bikes, recumbent bikes, TT bikes, etc. are all welcome! Children’s bike trailers are NOT allowed.


As you know, Goldilocks is known for a delicious spread.  Goldilocks will have porridge ready for breakfast starting at 6:30.

A picnic sandwich lunch will be served on course or back at the start/finish line beginning at 10am.

What is

Ride with GPS is a great tool for training and on the big day!  It’s an application on your phone that provides turn-by-turn directions of our routes.  As long you use the provided link we give out after registration, navigation will be unlocked at no cost to you.  If you need assistance, please contact us before the ride.  We will not be able to assist you on the morning of the event.

Do you need Volunteers?

Always!  We need volunteers on the big day and would love help.  Volunteer yourself (or someone else ;)) today!  We will email volunteers when we receive your request and again a week before the ride with your assignment.