Bring your riding crew and SAVE on your 2023 Goldilocks ride!

We are excited to announce our Goldilock’s referral program. This year, we’re encouraging you to inspire friends to participate in our 2023 Goldilocks ride in Provo, Utah on September 16. How does this program work? It’s simple! Simply share your referral link after you register and you’ll receive a 10% rebate on your registration once you hit 3 referrals. The savings don’t stop there – you’ll get a 15% rebate once you hit 5 referrals and a 20% rebate for 9+ referrals! This referral program is valid through August 31, 2023 – so register now and start inviting your riding crew to join you!

Have you already registered and can’t find your referral link? No worries! It comes with your race registration confirmation email.

Promotion ends and referral rebates will be refunded to the payment method used at registration starting on 8/31/2023.